Ark/Texas Tech CWS

Need the lead off batter on base. Struggling at that…

way to hit it Casey

The hogs need Casey to play good defense and Hit! That double would have been out for a homer if the wind wasn’t blowing in!

come on Kopps! you got to be on your game…no walks!

this guy is missing lots of pitches and Look who ties the !@@#@#$#$$ game!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:we are leaving way to mnay balls on a TEE for them

All hands better be on deck. It may take a few.

we need to start swinging the bats!! go up there ready to hit and the 1st pitch in the zone crush it!!!and fletcher takes one right down the freaking middle!!!should have hit the ball over the stands…I just don’t ge it!!!

Well started 3-0 and came back and fill d the count up! We sure need Kevin to get some outs. Good old fly out to CF! Kopps behind another hitter 2-0.
The rain may be causing that. Oh well give up a homer to Murrell! What a darn joke!
The umpire isn’t calling anything a strike. If the batter don’t swing your screwed.

Was feeling really good at 3-0. Now looks like a dog fight


My Gosh WTH are we swinging at!!!

Does coach, coaches, say anything to these batters when they swing at such awful pitches?

Free outs.

This game is not going the direction it needs to go. seen this too many times :roll: :roll: especailly if they bring in the big LH who can go multiple innings… they are getting much better swings than we are …not looking good :cry:

They seem very undisciplined at the plate. Where is that 14/1 offense that propelled us to the CWS?

yep yet another ball put on a waist high tee for them but they swing at them :evil: :evil:

It’s always a homerun derby when we pitch our Saturday staff

Meatballs kopps is throwing. Not looking good

Hate to say it, but our offense has all but disappeared

There you go Casey, first pitch fastball right down the middle and you watch it. Everything else is gonna be junk and now you’re swinging and missing.