Ark/Texas Tech CWS

need to get off to a good start where Noland can hopefully settle in and pitch a good game.

It’s tough to see Casey struggle at the plate…

3 up 3 down not was I hoping for…Ezell another line drive right at somebody! Martin just clueless sometimes…i don’t get it…Goodheart flirt with the fence but as our luck has been just a few feet short.

bomb by Kjerstad!! now shut your stinking mouth about be scoreless 23 inn!!!

Noland keeping the ball down so far…good job

Promising two innings by Connor.

RH batters take note of what Franklin just did took the CB right back up the middle forget about LF

thats what I’m talking about casey!! hang it bang it!!

And it’s sweet to see that happen!

That’s our Casey.

good job of putting the ball in play Matt!! got that RBI!!

Let’s not overlook Franklin. Kid has hit pretty well in Omaha. Big single, stolen bag, then scoring on Casey’s triple.

need a 3 up 3 down inning now Connor!

I commented on him doing what your supposed to do on the CB away go back up the middle.

what play by Opitz!! :o :o

Opitz unsung hero all year. Best defensive catcher in the SEC. And is a clutch hitter.

Not a good at bat by Kenley

very unusual for him to swing at bad pitches but he’s K’d 3 times on the down and in CB

come on Connor…can’t walk the leadoff especially with Jung coming up.and it starting to rain :evil:Martin blew and easy DP ball and the next guy hit a #@$#%#%$$ HR!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil how you lose games :evil: :evil:

come on lets get those runs back!!! we have singlehandily let them back in the game!!!

Casey Martin screws up a double play ball and then a 2 run homer to give TT a Christmas gift. Poor defense! What a darn way to give away a run!