Ark-Texas AM game thread

Yeah he just totally out of control on that there was nothing there they were back and set up perfectly

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And Mitchell has to take some shots when he’s down low.


He just decided to plow his way to the basket. Never mind that there were two defenders in his way.

Huge 2 on Taylor.

Lets don’t start this missing free throw crap


Great plays.

Taylor still in the game but we have Nick on him now I like that

Sweet little baseline floater by Nick

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That was a terrible shot there Nick we had plenty of time to get a good shot

That dude walked further than I did on my afternoon walk and we still blocked his shot way to go chump

We need you to get in the game AB… good job of hearing me!!

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That’s okay make them take that kind of shots that’s about one in 10 he’ll make that

Good fighting spirit. Devo!!!


Devo for 3!!

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Come on Walsh you can’t just be in the game for defense start trying to get you some shots…

If they start double-teaming the ball they’re going to give you some shots around the free throw line you got to be able to take it with authority or pull up and hit that little jumper

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Hey y’all. We are playing well. Keep the positive vibes flowing bros.

He needs to shoot the 3 ball!

Well it’s easy to be positive when they are playing good when they start playing bad that’s impossible LOL

I totally agree. He seems to not be focusing to score.

Meanwhile, in the other Hogs-Aggies game, the Bogle Bombers hit three bombs in the first inning. Hogs 5, TAM 0.


Yeah and that he passes up a lot of little 15-ft shots and he is proving he has a great free throw stroke

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