Ark-Texas AM game thread

lets go boys,TCB!!!


This pregame is all about Texas A&M just ridiculous… Hardy even focused on us at all

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For the last 2 games they keep showing Council and saying he is Nick, and don’t get me started on the KY lovefest.
Let’s go!

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This is why my sound is tourney off. And I am listening to Chuck and Z

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Was Texas am the game that Nick only played 4 minutes and none in the second half


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Talking about their two guard “superstars”.

I’ll see your superstars and call. I have Nick, AB, Devo and Ricky in my hand.

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Wow and we still should have won… we stopped Taylor and Radford and we will win this game by 10

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Oh I’m fully aware of that but Taylor has kicked our butt every time we played them no matter who we’ve had on the floor

Well it’s time to get busy.

Interesting that we have Nick guarding Taylor

Boom 3 for Nick

Boom another three for Nick

Come on defense!!

Turnovers are killers

You can’t just run in there at 10,000 miles an hour and expect for them not to call a stinking charge no matter if it is one or not it look like it was …come on Ricky!!!

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Yes and allowing offensive rebounds.
We are just too wreckless with the ball.
Council just runs over that guy. Go around him or kill it out. Just stupid.

Bad decision by Ricky. Gotta make good reactions. Come on Ricky, let game come to you.

Ricky needs to learn how to use a euro step.

That said, I like our rebounding after the first possession.

We are gonna have to knock down some 3’s. They just collapse in the lane.