Ark-Texas Am Game thread

Football players the world over need to STOP reaching the ball out trying to score. Mizzou just underscored the “why.”

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Yeah I would have slush at safety and Brini at nickel because that’s what he played at Georgia.

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Anyone on this thread at the game on their phone?

We need this Texas and Tex Tech game to end! It has to be one of the slowest played games I have seen this year.

Make this FG Tech!

It’s good……hahaha (downwardhornsign)

Just great stinkin OT!!

Its on ESPN News

Is Hazelwood already hurt???

Looks like it

Not a very good opening series… especially if Hazelwood is hurt and can’t play

Got it!

And a horrible punt

Yeah he is not impressed me as a punter so far

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Tried to keep it away from the returner

Sacked!! Way to go Sanders and defense


Great defensive stop.
I can’t wait to watch Sanders when we play Alabama

What happened to Hazelwood??

We have our answer on “best 5” in secondary.

Johnson at safety. Slush at nickel. Chavis at corner. Sim also at safety. Nudie at other corner.