Ark-Texas Am Game thread

Locked and loaded… Let’s get off to a great start guys, 4 quarters of demolition ball!!

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Oh dear, all the SEC Today talking heads are picking the Hogs.

On gameday, everyone but Corso picked the Aggies to win.

Corso picked the Hogs. I always considered Corso the kiss of death if he pick us, I hope thats not the case today.

The Hogs secondary seems to be the talk of the day and the reason why everyone thinks they can’t win today. I hope the secondary plays well today and shuts up all the talk they can’t cover anyone.

Me too.

Drives me crazy how everyone on Gameday gives the A&M offense a pass, but continually harp on our defense.

You’d never know about our pass rush or run defense if you’d only seen that. And you’d think Max Johnson was more accomplished than KJ.

Ohhh how I despise the aggies. :triumph:


National guys don’t like us this week.

No respect.

Us against the world.

Let’s do this


A narrative gets set and they all follow it. “Hogs can’t play pass defense so they’re doomed. End of story. Does my makeup look OK?”

Just the way Sam would want it… can now use that crap to Jack us up even more…


I’ve seen no evidence that Max Johnson can take advantage.

You’re not following the script, Jeff!

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On the flip side everybody on SEC Nation pick the Hogs.

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On SEC Nation’s set, it looked like it was almost all Razorback fans in attendance? Where were the Aggie fans. With what Tim had been saying the last few days, I thought he was a sure A&M pick. I think maybe the guys were picking to the audience.?

I don’t fear the curse of their all Arkansas picks. So long as Laura’s daughter picks the Hogs, we are good to go! She picked the shiny red Hog helmet! Thanks goodness Laura had the sense to not put the White Hog helmet out there for her. Laura’s daughter is soooo cute!


Used to feel the same way but Lee picked us to win in 06 and broke the curse!

Replying to Votan, had to edit and believe i didnt respond to his post this time

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I don’t pay any attention at all to those picks,just happened to be watching when they did.I was surprised to hear all but Corso picked the Aggies though on Gamdeday but like I said Sam will just use that to motivate the team,he’s always looking at things to show them they’re being disrespected.

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Sounds like the right pick…wps

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Any rumors or news about who may start in the secondary and where? I’d be shocked if that info has leaked. Just asking.

I havent heard officially…have you??

Nope…nothing. I know what I hope it is. But we shall see. I know alot of people hope the staff leaves out Sim. I will be STUNNED if they do. I know how much they value him getting folks lined up.

I hope its Sim OR Brini, Slush, Chavis, Nudie and Hud.

Those are, IMHO, our best 6 in terms of tackling…

I suspect people running free stems from inability to play man (and I think we will play les man) or blown assignments. Hopefully that gets fixed.

Blair can tackle but hasn’t really covered well.I would have Brini in for him but as a captain I don’t see it happening,hopefullly he will cover better today.Hope all of them do.Slusher in the lineup will help a lot I think

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I imagine Brini will rotate in.

Ever since Sam said Chavus needs to be on the field I have wondered "where?

I woud plug Slush into Cat’s posiiton, allowing them to run alot of what they were planning. Plug Chavis or Brini in at nickel.