Ark Tenn softball

What happened to Burnside?not playing today. Said she got hurt early in the week and is day to day.just our luck

Rather her be out this week than next. SECT is pretty irrelevant. We’re gonna host, possibly a super as well, no matter what happens in T-town.

Yeah i agree was just shocked to see her not dressed out

0-0 after 3… no hits in the game so far.

Basic pitchers duel. Vol pitcher has walked two. Haff has been 9 up 9 down.

0-0 after 4 .we have K 8 times so far.

Tenn Hr 1-0

Tenn just hit a home run. Vol’s up 1-0.
The hitter got 3 change ups in the AB and the last one landed over the left field fence.

Yeah, that’s one of their weaknesses. They are close to the bottom of the conference in striking out.
They really rely on the long ball. They hope to get a runner or two on base and then get one to leave the yard and then rely on pitching to close it out. That’s what Burnside is so good at, with runners on base.
They will miss her bat for sure. They have several other power hitters that can do the job though. Just got to get some runners on base.

We take way too many pitches.lot of hittable pitches just looked at.

Well, I don’t know what they look like at the plate, but a lot of the pitches they let go by look good from where I’m sitting.

A lot of great pitches just go by! Then you swing at junk with 2 strikes.
They better get some runs.

I have never understood that,baseball does it too ,go up there to hit! If you K get your 3 swings in

You know the old saying….One (man’s), girl’s junk is another, (man’s), girl’s treasure. I guess there are just times that junk looks good!

1-0 Tenn after 5 we finally got a hit though.

Then left two on, I guess. I was away from the tv for a minute or so. Strike out or DP?
Army, you just answered that for me. Thanks!

They sure took some good pitches in the bottom of the 5th inning and then had bad swings in the AB’s with 2 runners on base. They have had 2 chances to score and have failed to this point.

Gurantee you Burnside dont take no pitches!

We have 2,3 4 up…Gamill is aggressive and Gipson too maybe they will connect

1-0 Tenn after 6