Ark. talk shows

I live outside the state. Would someone please list the Razorback talk show times and stations that I could find on Tunedin? Also, any opinions on which shows are the best.


Sports talk with Bo mattingly is pretty good…you can get it now on fox sports Arkansas on the TuneIn app…it is moving to am 920 on August 1 also on TuneIn…his show is from 2-6 pm daily

NOTE: A list of affiliates can be found on the web sites listed with each program, along with Listen Live links. Search for one of the affiliates on the Tunein Radio app.

  • 2 - 6 p.m. Sports Talk w/Bo Mattingly
  • 4 - 7 p.m. Drive Time Sports
    • Drivetime Sports on The Buzz
    • Phone: 1-800-477-1037 or 501-433-1037
    • Email Randy Rainwater:
    • Email Rick Schaeffer:

I work all over and in MD right now, and TuneIn ESPN 96.3 (Mena) for The Morning Rush, Bo Mattingly and Paul Finebaum too, is what I listen to.

Also, the Buzz has an app for your phone that has Drivetime Sports and all their morning shows.

TuneIn is the way to listen to actual games. The Buzz app is not allowed to cover the games either basketball or football for whatever reason, but you can get all the after game shows like "5th quarter’ on the Buzz, if you are a die hard fan.

Don’t forget the riveting Recruiting Thursday show from 7 to 8pm.

92.1 FM in Fayetteville; 93.7 FM in Little Rock; 95.3 FM in Fort Smith; 96.3 FM in Hot Springs; 104.3 FM in Harrison/Mountain Home; and 106.9 FM in Arkadelphia

You know I can’t ever remember when that comes on except when I am home, and appreciate the show. Thanks for reminding me, and I will be listening tomorrow.

Can’t find it

does not do me any d listen on radio video if it is not on close caption on my tv set i am up a creek with out a paddle because of my hearing

Man, I got no answer to that. Sorry, but the links on the wholehog site does allow you to hear Richard’s interviews which I only found out today.

Richard, is that closed captioned or maybe you see what you can do about that ?

I can pick-up sports talk shows here in Nashville,(Tenn.) for Tennessee of course, and Vanderbilt. I can also pick-up Alabama,Georgia occasionally and Kentucky.It would be awesome if I could pick-up the ONLY sports talk show that I want to hear and that’s my Razorbacks station. I know the supply and demand factor comes into play but there are a goodly number of Razorback fans in Nashville, Tennessee. Let’s broaden our scope and re-invest some of that SEC money into radio broadcast expansion ventures like other profitable universities have. THANKS for your attention to this wise endeavor and as always, WPS!!!

If you’re not in one of the listening areas you can listen at

Try this: … -recruiti/