Ark St Coach calls the Hogs losers

I guess I’ve been a hog fan too long. I don’t think it was funny at all! Anderson has to be a real jerk to diss coach B after he reached out to him in his time of need. Typical Red Wolf!

I guess I’ve been a hog fan too long. I don’t think it was funny at all! Anderson has to be a real jerk to diss coach B after he reached out to him in his time of need. Typical Red Wolf![/quote

Drive over to A State and put a hog bumper sticker on his car and some red hogs on his car doors.
What sad is he is right. We may be better off to swap coaxhes.
But yes he is a jerk

it was a very well told joke
he was spot on with his presentation

we deserve it

its a joke. not a mortar barrage

Absolutely. A great JOKE that was well received by the Little Rock Touchdown Club. Some people have no sense of humor :lol: :lol:

If he’s going to tell a joke about the UofA then he should at least come up with something original, that joke has been around since we were playing the aggies in the SWC.

Exactly. It was hardly a “well-played joke.” I’ve heard it for years. Also heard the line about “championship rings.”

As for a sense of humor, I admit I have very little when it comes to ASU. I grew up in Northeast Arkansas (hence my name on this board.) I got tired of their incessant whining 50 years ago. Got tired of their “jokes”, too. The old Injun Joe character chasing a Razorback with the line, “How long will the Hogs run” came out in about 1969. (We were supposedly scared to play them because they’d gone undefeated or nearly so beating UT-Arlington, SW Louisiana A&M, etc.) But that wasn’t what irritated me so much. It was listening to their fans yelling insults about the Hogs, yelling insults at fans wearing Hog shirts at their games, seeing signs at their games and on their campus that weren’t trying to be funny, but were simply insulting were what annoyed me.

I didn’t attend ASU, but I have family & friends who did. Almost all of them are Hog fans. Some of them relay some really nasty stories about things said to them or about the Razorbacks in their presence. It was just a pervasive attitude.

Isn’t it just sports & should we really even care? Maybe, but we’re all on this board because these things are at least somewhat important to us. I know world hunger, wars, & drought are more important, but I don’t like putting up with crap from some football program that resents our tradition & success (despite this season) to the extent their fans do. And I sure don’t like the idea that a program that generates $1,666,000 in ticket revenues in a year somehow manages to soak students & taxpayers to support a $40M+ athletic budget. To make it worse, I know of academic departments & programs at that school that are grossly underfunded. Meanwhile, they’re putting about $35M/year in tax money trying to be “big time” in college football. I resent the hell out of that.

I resent the fact that that the numbers you stated in your last paragraph aren’t publicized more by statewide media. The general public isn’t aware of this. If they were, there would be more complaining.

On a different but similar note…The kids of the biggest ASU financial supporter I know, went to college at UA. :slight_smile:

Friends, this thread I’m afraid says more about us than we wish - and I include myself.

Yes, of course, we don’t have to take it from A State - even at a time when the state’s paper is diminishing the program by referring to our U as a city.

Truth is, our football program is not very good.

We have been good maybe one-fourth of the time the last 25 years.

Our anger at those calling us what we are is misplaced in my view,

I’m mad at my University leadership for putting Razorback nation in a position of being irrelevant.

Until we create a true business plan for the modern era, we are what we are I’m afraid, and just holding onto hope that a coaching personality alone will save us.

ASU is on the rise
UofA Fayetteville football program is going the other way

times have changed.

i dont think ASU ever catches UofA but they can compete now

the game will be played eventually

as to the tax payer funded athletic program… i have never understood that

I’m not so sure it’s on the rise. They’ve been the best or one of the best programs in the worst conference in FBS over the past 5 or 6 years. They’ve enjoyed success against teams that became D1 in the past 10-15 years. Meanwhile, the SBC teams that used to beat them have moved on to better conferences. Their record outside the SBC is truly abysmal.

No doubt our program is down, but our W-L record the last 3 years is about the same as theirs—except our losses have been to SEC teams & our wins have against both good SEC teams & teams that are ASU peers. ASU lost to UCA just last year. So, while I’ll agree the gap is closer now than it was 10 years ago, I’m not so sure it’s anything more than a cycle. The Louisiana schools, Troy & App St could easily move ahead of them in the SBC. Likewise, our position in the SEC will improve, too. Even Alabama can make a bad coaching hire & Saban won’t be around forever.

I hope we never play them. The one asset we enjoy is state domination of fan support & media attention. I’m afraid if we start playing them, we’ll lose much of that. If we decide we must play them, I’d want us to rotate them on the schedule with UCA & UAPB. Treat them just like one of the other in-state schools, not as our equal.

The state funding of their athletic program is simply scandalous.

Even though it is an old joke, he did a great job of setting it up…
Hey, we refuse to play them, so I’m okay with him having a little fun with us…GET OVER IT!

I was totally fine with your post & your opinion until you added the “GET OVER IT” as if you’re the adult in the room & everyone who is annoyed by it needs scolding by you.

If you’re upset about the joke, than i would imagine you should expect more out of the HC at Arkansas, also realize that he has been nothing short of awful in his 5 years, 10-26 conference play is nothing to smile about.

As long as our Admin keeps him around, I say the jokes are fair game. It shows us where Bret has taken us in 5 years, sad.

Blakes a good guy, Brets a good guy, but in coaching, it’s all about your Wins and Losses, we all know that.

I liked your post well said.

I understand your post, but I think it misses the point about what annoys people. No one has said, “Anderson should not have said it because our program is doing very well.” Everyone recognizes we’re not doing well. Many believe our program is something of a joke right now. (I don’t, by the way. We’ve lost to both great & good teams. We haven’t lost to a bad team. If we were playing in the Sunbelt or CUSA, we’d likely be conference champions.) What annoys people is that he took a shot at us while we were down & he did it coming from the perspective of ASU.

Of course no one can make fun of us if we’re leading the SEC. (Although I heard Larry Lacewell make the same joke about conference rings the same year we went 11-2 & beat KSU in the Cotton Bowl.) We all know winning will cure lots of ills. It’s just that your argument is apples to oranges. No Arkansas coach would ever go to Jonesboro & make the same joke–even in years when they were 3-8 & we were going to bowls.

If you think it’s no big deal he joked about it, that’s fine. That’s strictly an opinion you’re entitled to, but you’re not hearing why others don’t like it.

Northeast, You hit that nail yet again.
The red-clay coach didn’t do himself any favors.