Ark St Coach calls the Hogs losers

If you have not seen the video of an Ark St Football Coach bashing the Hogs, is not a good thing. Google it and see what you think. We know it is the truth, but we certainly do not need to hear it from the Ark St coach. Foolish and could cost them money. Some people support the Red Wolves right after they support the Razorbacks. Those things can change with discretionary money. I don’t know, I was expecting him to have some class. My bad. Someone please go to Wal Mart and buy that coach some class. Just another coach who thinks he is a comedian. WRONG.

Someone with media skills needs to explain to that coach that making up a story to call out the Hogs, in this state, is not an intelligent move. Then when he delivered the fairy tale story, he said come on folks, it was just a joke. Someone please check the IQ and/or the EGO on that coach.

If I were his AD, we would have immediately had a one sided meeting telling him not to state the obvious in the media. You never gain anything by bashing another program. Coach, let winning do the talking. The winning and winning alone will promote our program.

I wonder is someone at the University of Arkansas has slighted this coach? If not, I anticipate they will in the future.
Maybe he is irritated that the Hogs will not play Ark St. Ok, fine. But that is an entirely different conversation.

Your thoughts?


true but classy?

Sun Belt Coach. Enough said. Easy to make jokes when you do not have to play Bama, Auburn & LSU every year. I like watching State the few times they are on TV, Kind of like a miniature Big 12.

Meh who really cares. He was trying to get a laugh. I didn’t think the joke was that clever but whatever. I mean we are losing a lot lately and they are winning. It’s apples to oranges in comparison but let them have their day and move on. I can’t blame him for wanting to shed some light on his program since UA dominates every headline in the state

I think he might of regretted as soon as he said it. I’m sure it’s tough to try and get traction in a state dominated by Razorback news and that might of led to him saying it without really thinking about it. We’ve all done it. I know I have.

I always look at a pattern of behavior before judging someone. Everything I’ve seen and heard of Blake is very good. I would cut him some slack.

The jokes are worn out versions of jokes I’ve heard for years. The line about the rings have been told by ASU coaches more than once. They do it Jonesboro. They do it in LR. One common thread at ASU is they want desperately to make themselves feel like they’re ahead of the UA. Anderson is no different. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but can you imagine a UA coach saying something like that about ASU? Me neither.

Can you imagine the outcry from if BB would have gone to the LR TD Club and said something like that about ASU?

It’s best to ignore them. I’d like to support both programs. They make it impossible.

Richard, don’t you think he probably thought about what he was going to say before he got to the podium?

“If I were his AD, we would have immediately had a one sided meeting telling him not to state the obvious in the media. You never gain anything by bashing another program. Coach, let winning do the talking. The winning and winning alone will promote our program.”

You do not understand the ASU mentality. The AD there would NEVER discourage a coach from making a joke about the UA, they would probably encourage it and give them an “attaboy”. If you haven’t lived in that area and experienced the ASU die hards you don’t understand how they think. Just ask NEASTARKIE.

Who isn’t making jokes about Arkansas?

I thought well played joke by ASU coach.

I completely blame administrators of the Arkansas football program for putting the University and Razorback nation in a position where it is the recipient of jokes from many corners of the country right now.

He got his 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Growing up in Eastern Arkansas and being on sidelines there on a recruiting visit resulted in me having zero tolerance for ASU bs about the UA.

They aren’t satisfied with success in their own league, but crave equality in recognition with UA. The talk ramps up when we are losing and they are winning.

I’m surprised he took the shot when Bret has been very thoughtful toward him and his wife. That tells you something about ASU mentality towards UA.

I’m also surprised that the room apparently laughed at the dig.

Sad state of affairs right now and it makes me angry.

Agreed. Anderson and Bielema are friends. I wouldn’t make too much out of this. He probably doesn’t have a lot of speaking engagement material so he went with what he had.

Let’s see how cocky he is after playing NMSU this weekend.

No question we’re doing badly right now. However, no one at ASU is in a position to joke about the UA. Yeah, they’re performing well in their league, but even this year they got the crap beat out of them by SMU–hardly a good program. ASU has beaten exactly one team from a P5 conference in all their years of playing. That was A&M about 10 years ago when A&M was awful.

I didn’t attend the LRTD club this week even though I’m a member. I’ve heard ASU speakers before. They almost always take some sort of jab at the UA.

I had seen references to this, but had not looked at the video until a few minutes ago.

That was no “accident”. In fact, it was clearly premeditated.

I had thought that, perhaps, someone asked him a question and he had made an off-the-cuff response without giving it much thought. But, that was clearly not the case.

He’s relishing our problems. Hope he enjoys them. And I hope he remembers that when he stepped inside that classroom, there were Razorbacks on the wall.

When you’re in the middle of a season like this, there are indignities to endure. This is one of them.

But that fella just made a whole lot of enemies he didn’t need to make. Not a smart move.

No doubt he did. I think only after he said it he realized the mistake. I’ve done it too. Sometimes you misjudge the impact of your words and obviously this is the case here.

A-state fans live in a constant state of schadenfreude
where The University of Arkansas is concerned. I bet they know where ‘The’ UofA is located(even if others don’t).The red clay midgets would probably have to give up football if they didn’t levy students and receive tax dollar infusions to help prop up their sad little program. I doubt they know just how small their play pond really is.

All you have to do to prevent it is win games

Especially in year 5.