Ark- South Alabama Thred

That’ why you don’t walk people Wicklander…exactly what we didn’t need with them throwing a great pitcher…just too inconsistant

I was watching end of Women’s basketball, how are we down 3-0 already?!?!

he walked a guy and they hit a windblown 2 run HR and then he walked another and stole 2nd and got a base it to score him

Well we get a run back with a couple BB and a blistering hit to left by Webb which was good to see but once again we can’t come up with big hit and strand 3…probabaly just blew our best opportunity against this guy…

another stinking walk and a tape measure HR!!! just exactly what we needed for a starter to have 2 straight pathetic starts before conference play 5-1 unreal!! SMH

This is un-fricking-believable.

just pathetic!! I was worried about him for this very reason…feast or fathom won’t cut it in this league we already given this guy the break he needed only hope is we can get to their bullpen…5Ks after 2 yeah we blew when we had the chance to get to him…never seen a team go this quickly from looking so good to just totally falling apart…

Great catch by Franklin saves Wicklander from giving up another HR.

unbelievably this guy trying to give us a chance 6 walks after only 4 all yr…just need to get big hit…Martin with a double to get a run! Opitz with groundout and a run 5-3

Nightengale isn’t going to last long with all of those walks. Hopefully we can beat up their bullpen after that.

I agree he’s been all over the place and Casey has had 2 Great AB’s

Wicklander with 2 more BB’s…just an awful outing…when he did get it over it was very hittable like last week…be real intersting to see what happens going forward.Kopps comes in and gives up another tape measure HR to their stud LH…just unreal…

Our pitching stinks!

Well, we’re really taking it to this 7-7 mid-major team. Down by only 5 here in T5

Hopefully we can keep chipping away. We need to hit some homers for a change.

This is a total mismatch

yeah when they faced real pitchers from Vandy they never scored in 2 games.

Get Kopps out!! he’s is nowhere near the plate!!!

I wouldn’t pitch kopps in a weekend series the rest of the year. 2nd game in a row he gets behind and gives up a 3 run homer. Pitch the young kids.

This game is over. Goodheart hits a nice HR, but it’s only 1 run. We need a 4 or 5 run inning. I can see us getting some runs, but I can’t see us holding them scoreless the rest of the way.

This is terribly frustrating.