Ark soccer tonight

I knew Bryana Hunter and Van Fitch were hurt last game. They are not in the starting lineup. Does anyone know the extent of their injuries?

Fitch looked like a knee to me when she was helped off. Not sure about Hunter. And whenever a woman athlete has a knee injury, I assume it’s ACL until proven otherwise. Colby’s not going to say though.

I’m getting “technical difficulties” and no stream, but live stats say the game is underway.

Stream just came on.

Hogs up 2-0 in the first 15 minutes, goals by Jess DeFilippo and Makenzie Malham.

It could seriously be 4-0 or more. Mobilehoma keeper has made several excellent saves.

3-0. McKenna Saul scored on a tap-in in the 32nd minute.

4-0, Saul again in the 43rd minute

Swine……did you catch the part (before we could no longer hear the announcers) where the announcers were saying their goalie was having to deal with the sun and our onslaught of shots on goal. I can’t recall if there is a coin toss on choosing sides but if that is OU’s normal side (their team bench is on that side) to start games then what the heck is their coach thinking??? That’s just a disaster for their goalie to deal with.

I didn’t catch that but I did notice the sun was an issue. Although the sun had nothing to do with any of our four goals which were all from close range.

Or the fifth goal by Ellie Podojil in the 48th minute. Ava Tankersley got past the OU keeper in the 50th minute but the OU defense blocked what should have been an easy goal. Ava slowed up just enough before taking the shot to let the defender get back in position.

I do suspect they would want to be attacking at the same end as their bench in the second half, assuming they’re not already down 5-0.

Tankersley didn’t get the goal but she has set a UA school record with four assists tonight.


OU gets a goal in the 55th minute on a defensive mixup. Ellie Podojil brushed by the keeper, couldn’t control a loose ball and OU sent it into the onion bag.

Ainsley Erzen outruns the Sooner defense to score goal #6. As I recall, she was a state track champion in Iowa, so that makes sense.

Looks like we are taking out some frustrations on OU after the 1st game loss and no weekend game due COVID on other team!!!

Saul, Malham, Ellie P. and Erzen all scored their first college goals tonight, Saul played at TCU before becoming a Hog but never scored as a Frog.

Looks like one of Tankersley’s assists was taken away.

TV guy has mentioned the four assists more than once. Live stats have been known to be wrong.

That’s true unless the live stats are the official stats. Also, the live stats had her with 4 at one time. I’d guess they must have thought she didn’t deserve one of those. I think that the first Saul goal was actually an own goal. I don’t know how an own goal is scored. I have limited knowledge of soccer.

I agree with you on the own goal. It looked to me like it went off the OU defender instead of Saul, which would make it an own goal, so your assessment was correct.

Basically, if the defender causes the ball to go in the net, it’s an own goal. Even if an attacker takes a shot, if the defender tips it in when it wasn’t going to go in anyway, it’s an OG. Or one of my favorite German words, Eigentor, which means own goal.

I just saw one of our players in a walking knee brace so not sure if that is one of the injured starters mentioned above. If so, she is out for a while based on seeing that but at least she is walking on her own with the huge knee brace.

They took away the own goal credit from Saul and the assist from Tankersley. Makes sense. It was counted as a team goal.

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