Ark -Sela game 2

0-0 going to the bottom of the second.

Facing a junk baller K two to three batters he faced. Wiggins a little bit erratic in the first BB one but got out of it much sharper in the second with three ground balls

1-0 Hogs Diggs with a bullet base hit to right scoring Moore who had a clean single and advanced a second. Kid has a very good swing.

Wiggins has got through three. Kind of been all over the place Has 2 BB thrown as many balls as he has strikes but has worked around them

Wiggins still needs to get better control

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Yes it’s unbelievable he will throw four in a row out of the zone and then come back and paint the corners it’s been feast or famine but he’s worked out of it at least he’s keeping bow down for the most part

2-0 Hogs lanzilli doubled in Turner who had walked and moore had a base hit to to get him to second. Had runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out but couldn’t get the big hit again

Lead off walk for Wiggins again that’s his 4th. 64 pitches 34 strikes 30 then gets a double play. Ground out to second ends the inning.

Awful decision by Gregory.

Well we shot ourselves in the foot had runners on first and second Gregory gets picked off a second then turner. grounds out. Just unbelievable how how much this team keeps the opponent in the game

Lead off home run 2-1 all these missed opportunities going to come back bite our butt

Gotta be smarter than that. Opportunities are there, we just fail to take advantage.
Our pitching has been pretty good but with our lack of run production, it may not be good enough to hold up a 2 run lead when we get into SEC play.
Don’t know if we’ll score more than two in this game when we squander opportunities.
As I post this , SLU gets a HR. Good thing no one on base.

These blown opportunities are absolute suicide in the SEC they’re way better hitting teams and what we’re seeing right now

Robert Moore is absolutely crushed them all all day though just let off with a double the right field corner he has hit three balls right on the screws this game 3-3 had two balls kept in the yard and game one by the wind

Way to go Robert! That’s how you hit the ball!

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We badly need Moore to score and at least get the run back we lost last inning. Now on 3rd with 0 no outs. Surely we get a run here

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Good job Bohrofen!!

A big inning here would nice.

Infield single by Bohrofen
scores moore 3-1

At least we got the run back. Disappointing we didn’t get more.