Ark SD St Game thread

Devo is off to a good start… defense playing well as usual

This team has got to improve free throw shooting or it’s going to cost us a lot of games

Yep Billy. Brick masons at the line tonight.

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I think we will improve because I know he makes them work on it tirelessly but we have not really been close tonight like you say

Unfortunately the transfers were not good FT’ shooters at their last stop. Makhi and Graham both 52%.

4 traveling calls, just very sloppy basketball that we will have to clean up you can’t give away possessions and beat the quality teams

There’s no real ball movement people just standing around the perimeter

Nice back-to-back threes by Brazil and council

So defensively aren’t we getting a record number of rebounds per game or per something?

Council showing off that athleticism with a beautiful flush!22-15

I haven’t heard that Fred

Just seems that way. Shutting out other teams offensive rebounds

You ever since Texas we have been pretty stout against the 0 boards

This team can shoot the ball we will have to continue to play good defense they have made some unbelievable shots

Beautiful shot by makai Mitchell

I would like to see us post up black with his size

They getting right to the basket quite often we aren’t stopping anyone! WPS

The hogs have played hard on defense. It looks like they can get to the hole anytime they want too. But these last few positions they have taken some shots with no one to get to the offensive glass.
Jack rabbits keeping it close.

Letting them off the mat … why aren’t we taking it to the basket?

We have screwed around here and let them right back in the game, just too many empty possessions, just can’t shoot, turn the ball over against a team that really knows what they’re doing and has very good shooters this is going to be a close game