Ark-OM game thread

Getting this up early before I go work out for a while. Hopefully we get off to a great start today and get a much-needed win…

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Hopefully the refs put up their whistles and make it a quick game. I imagine that’s what they want to do. I’d rather no calls than wrong calls. Let em play!

If our Hogs don’t win the game at home today then you can officially put a fork in this season.
Fouls have to be called if it is actually a foul, but fouls have to be called the same for both teams so the players fully understand where the line will be drawn and they can adjust to how the game will be officiated.
Our players have to be smarter and not commit silly fouls.
Sometimes the opponent will beat you off the dribble and get an advantage. When that occurs you just have to let it go and not foul, but simply keep playing for the next play.
You can’t be impactful in a game if you are constantly in foul trouble and ultimately foul out.

If the refs go whistle happy again, it might be in the teams interest for Muss to get a Technical. Nolan utilized that tactic to great effect at times. Hope BEA is full today. The team needs a boost from the crowd.

Spot on that the refs have to call fouls evenly for both teams. Unfortunately, most of the season we’ve seen our guys get mugged with no foul called and then get called for a ticky tack foul on the other end. Hope Muss calls the refs out for that if it happens this game.

Not sure what the jersey looks like, but Arkansas will be wearing red uniforms today. Ole Miss is in its powder blue uniform.

Thanks for taking over for me today, Billy. Maybe the change will help our luck. You can keep starting the thread as long as we are winning. :stuck_out_tongue: I think our winning streak starts today.
Go Hogs!

No this is yours… I just did it because you told me you were not going to be able to and I had to get it done early because I’ve been in the gym ever since I started this thing
I just now got home

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Watching the pregame, not a fan of Bilas, but he just clowned Walton. I laughed my arse off

What did he say?

Kamani starting in place of Makhi.

If we rotate the ball on offense and stay in motion and don’t get stuck dribbling, it won’t matter what the refs do. When we pass the ball we take good shots and when we take good shots we are hard to beat, defensive almost always allows us an opportunity to win. WPS

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I totally agree with that. We usually get in trouble when we have one dribbling and four watching

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Ball and bodies have to move.

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Bottom line is we need a significant lead with 2 minutes left. I think our confidence down the stretch is so shaken. We need a comfie lead. 8-10 points.


Why are we in Red?

I wonder why Mitchell’s not starting at least he’s an offensive presence in the post

Great drive by devo

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Need to get a W in that color.

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That’s what I’m talking about Jordan Walsh!!!

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