Ark-OM Game thread

Up ready to go… hopefully we can get off to a good start for a change and get the momentum right away and keep it… this team needs a win badly


10 minutes ago almost started the Game thread to wake ya up youdaman…

I’ve been ready for this kick ever since the clock hit zeroes in the LSU game. Needing a win tonight is an understatement! Our hogs need to hit the field tonight and play with some fire from the opening kick until the final second ticks off the clock. A fast start on offense is needing but the defense also needs to come out smoking.


As in hair on Fire…

This is always a big game for me! I was born in Mississippi in 1950, and was an OM fan until Arkansas joined the SEC. In the meantime, my family moved to Hog country in June of '64.

For those who were around, you know that was an ideal time to become a Hog fan and I did. Rooted for both teams (except when we played each other) until the SEC move and did so right up to the Houston Nutt departure and subsequent saga. Now I hate OM!!!

Many relatives in MS are Rebel Land Shark Bear fans. Luckily, I don’t see them very often.



Had to get my workout in I was up at 7:00 LOL

I’ve accomplished my walk! Thankful to be able to do that.


Are we 100% sure KJ is playing? WPS

Army, good to hear. Hope you’re doing well.

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It’s a battle. I can’t get to far from the bathroom!

Yes he’s playing and said he’s looking forward to it

Great Job army

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Youdaman I walked about 2 miles today. In the Army days we would run 10
Plus miles before breakfast! I’m trying to get back some strength.


Yeah brother you just got to do what your body will let you do

It tuff getting old and sick!

Thank you! WPS

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Well U-Duh, old buddy, you should start this thing off correctly. How much snow is on the ground (I think that the television here showed Walnut Ridge with a fairly heavy snow a day or two ago). What’s the temperature look like? What’s the wind doing (velocity and direction)? Any other pertinent information for us deprived Ex patriots? Finally, thanks again for your valuable information and other input.

I couldn’t tell you brother I’m sitting here in Hattiesburg Mississippi where it’s cold but I’m sure it’s not going to be 19 tonight like it is Fayetteville LOL…
You’re welcome man glad to help out anyway I can

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Came back from Mississippi two weeks with Covid hope you dodge that bullet! WPS

Been there and done that back this summer didn’t even have a fever but did lose my taste for 5 days so I don’t want to get it again LOL