Ark & Ole Miss vs Leftys

Unless you already looked it up, I bet you wouldn’t guess that Ole Miss has batted worse against Leftys for the season than Ark has. Ole Miss .248 & Ark .252. Ark for sure will face lefty Hunter Elliott. Who should Ark pitch? Ark hit rightys .287 & Ole Miss hits .294.

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Great info.

Good thing we have three quality lefties.

Yeah I posted that last night .I think it’s going to be an interesting decision. I would probably go with Morris who threw the ball well against them in Fayetteville. I knew they had struggled with LH pitching too so we will just have to wait and see. We did get three runs off of Elliot in Fayetteville but only got four hits in six innings.

He is throwing the ball very well but we’ve seen a lot of LH pitching since then and if our approach of going the other way is as good as it was yesterday we can hit anybody, that is the best we’ve looked at the plate all year long nobody trying to hit the ball out of the park unless it was right there in your wheelhouse. They were just taking the ball where it was pitched and putting it in play.

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There is so much that I don’t read that it is easy to miss something. I agree that I’d lean to starting Morris and then we have Taylor and Smith to follow. Ole Miss has several very good RHs and we have lots of options to use against them. This might be the two best and hottest teams in the tournament along with Notre Dame.

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Yes it should be a great game. Looking forward to seeing if we can put some runs on Ole Miss LOL they really have not had any pressure put on them, will be interesting to see how they handle that if it does indeed happen.Yes Notre Dame and Oklahoma both are very good too. Still got to play a lot of good baseball if you plan on winning the NC.

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