Ark-MState game thread

Well today does not look like a very promising day to start out because of the uncertainty of KJ and the way the teams match up but these kind of days sometimes can surprise you… let’s hope we come out there ticked off about the way we played the last couple of weeks and play an awesome game and get a win

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MSU week makes me miss the years when they were like our Vandy.

many of us have taken some focused sidetracks after coaches for things not in their control (I plead 5th) and perceive to be their plan. Stuff like 4th and 3 or 3rd and 13 are different but it still comes down to understanding there is no 100% agreement. I borrow a Tim Ryan ad which is political but not in a bad way. Dude has it right

Go Hogs Go!

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D-Line most get pressure of their quarterback. Can’t blitz as much or they will gash us up the middle. Most play ball control on offense. Run it, until they show you they can stop it. O-Line must take control of their D-Line.

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Cow College 45
Hogs 31

Will KJ play today?

Odds are no.

Then who is QB1?

Not sure. Both could get snaps under center. We’ll see soon enough.

Been reading different threads this morning and obviously there’s no way that the Razorbacks can stop the Air Raid, secondary won’t hold up, if we play a zone they will pick us apart, if we play man they go over the top, we can’t blitz them, they run enough to keep us off balance, we don’t have KJ and might not be good enough even if he plays, Bumper can’t tackle, Hudson will be lost, we have no defense at any position, Odom needs to be fired, Briles doesn’t have a clue, told you a offensive coach wouldn’t make head coach! This is almost the same rant I read about Mizzou play Georgia last week, Mississippi St is no Georgia, Go Hogs! WPS

Y’all gonna be shocked when Ryker Acebo trots out there as QB. Your jaws will drop when he pulls a pocket pistol out from under his jersey and proceeds to shoot a cowbell right out of the hand of a Bully fan. Unfortunately, he’s assessed a targeting penalty and kicked out of the game.


KJ is Dressed out and throwing. Sam said he’s available but then he said just because you haven’t seen someone doesn’t mean they aren’t good… So we will see.

I saw Briles pat Fortin on the head as another coach was having a pretty serious conversation look makes me think he’s probably going to get to start


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OK…so I missed Pittman’s interview. I am confused. KJ is dressed and throwing but not starting? Is KJ cleared? Are they starting Fortin because he practiced all week?

SEC Nation. All pics for State.

They all picked us vs Aggies

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Tebow… I was never a fan.

God, I HATE cowbells.

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