Ark - Mizzou game thred

Here is the live updates blog I’m doing on the front page. I’ll be here all afternoon:

Well so much for Missouri not having much of a passing game they come in on a roll throwing the ball and with our secondary situation the way it is we better help the offenses is on today

Typical 3 and out to start the game, unbelievable. Luke Jones hadn’t passed blocked a guy in about 3 weeks…smh

Their field goal kickers may play a big part in this game. WPS

Uh oh. Come on OL.

A broken record.

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You cannot have a more pathetic attempt at blocking the what we just saw from this OL

Off to our usual bad start

Well, here we go

McAdoo held big time

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Not good. Jason Autrey is the zebra. He of the Auburn botch two years ago.

Yeah I noticed that too Danny

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The idea is to come up and tackle the guy Blair not let him catch it and look at him and then have him run past the first down

Right now, we are a step behind on everything

These guys have not even mentioned the people we have out


Which suits me fine. Never say one name again.

How many OL starters are out?

Nary a one

That’s true

C’mon offense let’s show some fight! WPS