Ark - Mizzou game thred

Well going to be an interesting game today a lot on the line for Missouri so we know We’re going to get their best.
Weird deal all together with slusher and possibly Johnson, if true don’t know how that will affect chemistry on the team hopefully the offense will pick up where they left off last week and can outscore them if we have to.

youdaman! Right on cue!

WE just can’t be the only “The sky is falling university”.

IF we do have a huge, over the top kids leaving where does that leave Sam? Going MMmm for sure.

I like having youdaman leading the thread. He can type a very good point in a short amount of time. I don’t like real long posts but a medium response and to the point!!

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Everybody’s going to have quite a bit of transfer portal transactions,the key is to make your additions to be better than your subtractions that will make or break you and I know Sam is going to be very aggressive in the portal this year



Hope CSP and crew do some picking & grinning in the portal! WPS

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Before the portal action takes place there’s a game today! Praying for a win.

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Amen! WPS

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Go Hogs! Beat the Tiggers of Misery!

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I’m planning on saying “How about those Hogs”

If it’s a win or a loss we will all be Hog fans! Our skin is thick and we are tuff! I hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving with family. Now it time for hog ball!


BTW what channel are we playing on?

It’s on CBS. Just like every other Black Friday game

Just mentioned on the pregame that we’re 0-2 in trophy games this year after sweeping in 2021. That trophy case will sure look empty if we have to give up the border line hardware, as ugly as it is.

I just got a new TV provider today and my Butler threw away the guide. He hates a mess…

Point being until the CBS-SEC contract ends, our game on Black Friday is always on CBS, thus you don’t need the TV guide. Of course the CBS deal ends after next season.

When today? Give me time to drive home to Tuscaloosa

2:30 PM CST

According to pregame radio, kickoff will be more like 2:45. Boise State game is running long.

Blue carpet game is over. 2:45 looks to be right on.