Ark-Missouri state game thread

Locked and loaded and ready to go! Need to jump on these guys early let them know that we are ready for anything they got and just pound them into submission by halftime.

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Sure would be sweet if by the beginning of the 3rd quarter, the vast majority of QB snaps went to Hornsby. And not because of any injury to KJ, just because we are so far ahead its good to give the #2 some game snaps at QB.


I’d like to see that too. But, I’m really looking forward to watching our D versus MSU’s offense. Should be fun. wps

I want to see our Hogs dominating from start to finish as a top 10 team should. WPS

Yeah we need to come out smoking and never let up until the game is out of hand

I am preparing myself to watch Misery St. play well in the 1st Q. I am also prepared to watch them score 3 TDs.

We just need to score 7-8 TDs

Run it down their throat. Make them like it. Then throw it over their head. Simple formula.

Yeah we’re going to have to be ready for anything and everything all game they have nothing to lose especially on the first drive

They get the ball first

They are moving the ball!

Williams has a big sack to stop the first drive. We actually had very good coverage pretty much every time

Great return by Stevens but as always they’re not going to let you have a good return because they’re always going to call a stinking penalty


2 run gets about 8 yards in KJ throws a horrible pass at the feet of the receiver to stop the drive

Penalty. Wow they just can’t stop the stupid holds.

The pass is as really bad! He should have just ran the ball.

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Terrible first set of downs.

What I was discussing in a thread earlier today. He’s not an accurate passer. Bad footwork often.

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No he’s a very accurate passer, 67% last year and 76% this year he just made a bad pass

For once, Chuck and Quinn’s audio is ahead of the TV broadcast on my system

Very good defensive series three and out almost had a pic

Another hold on special teams.