Ark - LSU game thread

A lot of indecision going into this game of who’s going to play quarterback how the team will respond after a loss

Let’s play like fighting Hogs give it everything we got


All I hear on the radio is Malik Hornsby, MH, MH…

Pic by Snout!!



The frozen tundra of Razorback Stadium!


I’ve been going to games at RRS for 51 years and I’ve never been to a game in the snow. Sleet yes, cold rain, yes, just plain cold (LSU 2014), yes, but no snow.

With it being sunny, the cold won’t be as big a deal. Now, if it was cloudy and windy then that would another thing. I don’t think the weather will play much into the outcome.

I’ve been going since I was 7 or 8, so 60 years.

NO snow that I remember too…

He may very well get his shot…
KJ was walking around in short pants and a sleeveless shirt LOL. He was pretending the weather wasn’t cold.

KJ dressed out and dancing in the end zone. Wagner not dressed out.

KJ not throwing. Only Malik.

BTW what CH is this game on??

Yeah it’s Malik today.

Channel is ESPN

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I seem to remember an LSU game back in the late 80s when I was a student that had snow in the stands. I was in the upper deck east side and it was a frozen mess.

We didn’t play LSU in the late 80s. We joined the SEC in '92. But that’s entirely possible, There was an Auburn game in the snow too but I wasn’t at either one.

Well this could get real ugly or it could get really exciting. He’s a dangerous player that can make you pay for the slightest mistake in angles but his lack of experience against this type of defense does not give me Good vibes at all

It snowed late in our game against Baylor in Fayetteville in 1991. We lost, 9-5.

It would have snowed a foot in the bowl game with East Carolina in Memphis if there would have been any kind of precip because it was sure cold enough.

Lots of purple and puke in the stands today.

What’s the crowd look like?? 50,000 maybe today?