Ark-LSU 2010 one of my favorite games

such an incredible game! look forward to seeing great crowds again!

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I grew to love the series

Lost a lot of its luster

But I’m thinking adding UT (spit) will surpass all the trophy games we have in importance

Texas(spit) is just too easy to hate and get the juices going

The younger fans will come along I think

But next team I love beating is LSU

I would say Bama but it’s not 1995 or 98 anymore

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yeah we have to get good again for us to bring back the excitement to any of these games,This game with Texas is Huge for us to send them the message that we play REAL football in the SEC.Crowd will be at a fever pitch GAMEDAY better be there!

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I agree we need to be the SEC welcome wagon and committee to utex(spit)

There is a chance Gamedsy will be there

An Arkansas win would just be sweet but it’s Big XII officials? Or is it SEC? Or neutral refs?

I think that there is a better chance that SEC Nation will be here, but since it isn’t an SEC game, I doubt that too.

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That’s just as likly

I’m thinking from a marketing point of view the Hype of a preview of Tex (spit) entering the SEC May be a lure

Add there just doesn’t look to be that many attractive games that weekend

If Tex (spit) comes this is a program opportunity on the big stage and Arkansas needs to be a hammer and Tex (spit) a nail

So goes my optimistic way of thinking

Looking thru Ark Cardinal Red glasses

It will be an absolute slap in the face if neither one of those show up in Fayetteville. They need to hear loudly from us if our game is not featured. There is absolutely no reason it shouldn’t be. We are by far the most appealing game for the day.

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