Ark-Liberty Game thread

Need to jump on them early, let them know that there will not be any upsets happening here today…

Pedal to the metal from the first snap!! Take care of bitness!

I’m really looking forward to watching this game, although my wife’s gonna watch the Bulldogs…thinking Liberty will get their bell rung.

I will have both games on. Will watch Tennessee and Georgia on my laptop Hogs and Liberty on my big screen

youda is ready!!

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Go Dawgs. Not that I’m bitter but I want Vol nation to feel the pain e did at the 98 fumble game. I was there……


We need to learn how to come out of locker room and onto the field and capture the momentum on our first possession then put your foot on their neck and hold them down for four quarters. We need to be able to get some of our back ups into a game some other way than a starter getting injured. Looking for Hogs to be sharp today and be the dominant team on the field. WPS


100% for Georgia. I hate to see the ugly orange from Knoxville win any games in the SEC, unless it helps us in some way.

Yes sir!

Got to keep Tennessee from making the big play you do that you win the game

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Yeah we can’t sleep through the first quarter like we did last week.

Amen! WPS

I think the same goes for the Hogs. Make it tough for Liberty with a long ways to go. wps

If we can just keep from missing tackles against their quarterback and running backs I think we can slow them down and get some stops but that’s easier said than done with their elusiveness and our horrible tackling to this point

I’m with you.

Hopefully we take care of business today and then play LSwho and ole piss after they play Bama could be a big advantage for us.

Similarly, I was at the 6 OT game. That FG miss was right in front of me, as was the TD catch by Witten for the win. What was also memorable was the frustration by the Vols’ fans with the inability of the Vol’s D to handle Matt Jones. He was unique, indeed.

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Sure would be nice to play our first possession penalty free. WPS

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Now you’re dreaming!

Penalties have killed a lot of drives for our hogs this season. Avoid the flag and put scores on the board.

Good football weather. Chilly, sunny with a slight breeze.
UA…Campus of Champions