Ark-Kent Game thread

Need to put on a show and get some of that mojo back,last time to see Nick and AB at home we need to show out in front of this sellout crowd

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It would be nice to see. If the hogs just do the little things they will be fine! Nick Smith needs to have a good game but it’s not just scoring.
I want to see energy and fight on both ends of the floor. I sure hope the twins have a better game today.

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Since it’s not on an ESPN-affiliated channel, I guess there’s no app or anywhere else to go to if Bama-A&M runs over. Since it’s CBS, will they delay tip-off until this one is done, or JIP?

That’s right I think. It won’t go over to much.

I’ve got my 4 miles in this morning… let’s Go Hogs let’s dominate the kitties

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You can download the CBS sports app and see it.

I walked 2 miles this morning! Can’t run any more.


We need to see a team than passes the ball on every possession and play’s defense without fouling while keeping Osacar in check. We’ve done it once already and we did it without Nick, we can do it again. WPS

No army I don’t run unless somebody’s chasing me LOL. I get on the treadmill at the gym sometimes and I’ll run a little bit but don’t take me long before my knee says enough of that foolishness

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Going with a big lineup both Mitchell’s starting along with Devo Anthony and Nick

I hope we run motion offense like we did a few games ago and get some people open and then knock down the shots 1 dribbling 4 watching is not going to get it done

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Both starting lineups average 74.7 points a game LOL

Boy the Aggies are getting calls today we didn’t get in either game against Bama. The Accessory has fouled out. But Bama’s gonna have the ball down 2 with 1:08 left.

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Yeah hopefully we won’t go into stinking overtime… appears they are waiting on us to this one’s over

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Aggies up 7 with 6 left. Even A&M can’t screw this up

No handshake line after Ala-A&M to avoid trouble.

Murder U got the hell out of Dodge

If we do that we will have the odds in our favor to win the game. WPS

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Nick with a 3

Good from that standpoint but Mitchell has to finish after that offensive rebound at the rim.
Got to do better than that