Ark - Kansas Gamethread

Just flat out getting out hustled looks like we’ve been running through sand for 3 hours legs are very heavy looking

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This game is way too big for the little Razorbacks. Pitiful.

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We can’t keep panicking and throwing up these shots. For God’s sake, force the refs to make a call. Take it to the rim.

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Nick hasn’t slowed anyone on defense thus far. WPS

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There’s what we got to do move the ball and take it to the basket

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Better start getting stops

His knee acting up again? TV guy just said it.

But our defense has been awful so far we’re giving up lobs and transition breakaways just a bunch of stupid crap that we haven’t been doing

Smith isn’t going to dive for a ball

Their defense right now is light years better than ours we can’t hardly make a pass without them getting a stinking hand on it

Good job Jordan Walsh… he just blocked that guy out off the freaking screen I love it

Baseball wins 9-3

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Way to go baseball

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12 in a row

I’m disappointed in his play with all the hype abt him.

Wonder who pitches tomorrow

Smith probably

We are going to have to pick up our defense in this game and keep them off the glass or we’re going to be in big trouble

Walsh. Jordan is about carry us to a win today and drop 30 points 6 steals and go pitch a no hitter

Shoot the freaking ball Graham your 5 ft from the basket!!!