Ark - Kansas Gamethread

Okay I’ve got my lucky shirt on and The jayhawks have no idea the power of that…

Let’s go boys let’s get off to a great start and rock and roll


Knock their Dick in the dirt.


Yall live out of state right> You have chuck and zimm? I had them through the app for part of the Illinois game. Then it went away. I know westwood has rights.

Don’t like that Tennessee won, but I like that Dook lost.

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Gotta go to a neighborhood thing so I’ll watch later.

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So what thread do we follow?


Got to keep them off the boards great shot council

I have been having streaming problems watching the Tenn game earlier, but seems better now. Using Hulu….


You cannot let them start beating us off the dribble like that or we’re going to be in trouble

Horrible transition defense we better start getting together going to dig ourselves a big hole…

Not looking good right now for sure we have no clue how to stop them

I’m not liking these shot selections.

I really think we need to be aggressive and drive to the basket. That should open up better shots later.

One out of 10 shot there Devo at best

Not exactly playing to our strengths! What the heck ! WPS

We look like crap so far one stinking basket in 5 minutes

This is a disaster thus far. All of this teams bad attributes on display. Gonna get ugly.

Direct tv is airing the game on cbs!!! Can’t believe it

Grotesque mismatch so far

Smith already with two fouls and we are turning it over like it’s going out of style

And Black is injured already

I rushed home from baseball to catch this and it may be over before I get my warm clothes off

Giving us threes and we’re taking and missing them.

I will say this one time only–we have no chemistry with Nick back, period, period.

We will perform better today with him on the bench, rooting for our Hogs.