Ark- Illinois Game thread

Sending my best and hoping Hogmaestro is recovering well. Wishing nothing but a positive outcome on everything/everyone concerned.

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She was not. He was going to a meeting and a woman pulled out in front of him. The woman is okay too.


Dang they have sure had a lot. Good news on Mary.

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Sorry to hear that, but glad he’s ok!
Prayers are with him.

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Prayers for him for sure

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Further update from Hogmaestro: Sore shoulder, sore back, a headache and reduced hearing in his left ear where the airbag hit him. Might have ruptured the eardrum.

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Just glad Robbie is still with us.
Thanks for the update, Jeff


That airbag thing is no joke. I had a puffed up ear and poor hearing from a side airbag years ago. But it came back. Pray for the same for Robbie.

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:pray::pray::pray: for him and family.

That was absolutely the key to the game. It allowed us to keep them from getting second chances and allowed us to get into transition now we messed it up trying to go too fast a few times but we did a unbelievable job on the boards

Praying everything will be okay for him… yeah I’ve heard many people talk about the power of the airbag