Ark-Ga Game thread

Can’t let no grass grow under our feet tonight. Got to come out with a case of kick butt and take care of business early.

A&M leading Tennessee with 8 minutes left, Misery up 1 on Moo U with a minute left.

Moo U down 2 with the ball, calls time with 16.7 left.

Tied on two foul shots with 8.7 left, Misery takes TO

I look for a blowout win by the Hogs tonight!! WPS

OT in CoMo and I can’t find our game on the app

Supposedly streaming now on SECN+
But I cannot find it available

Same here. Can’t find it.

ESPN+ says it starts at 9:00 pm and it’s 9:10 and not on.

What a mess!! WPS

Game has started but SEC+ and ESPN app say it has not started. Anyone else able to get the game?

It’s started, but no streaming as far as I can tell.

I had the same problem with baseball game on my phone…

No game on SECN or ESPN+ little turds

I hate it when they shift to these channels and then don’t activate it in the app/schedule

Espn sucks

Bull crap, announcers, the game isn’t on the app.

Still not on

We’ve missed five minutes of the game so far.

Listening to Chuck. 11-6 us first timeout

Another example of how they treat us!

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