Ark-Fla Game thread

Graham needs to play Councils minutes today.
This is also a game where Pinion can hold his own and provide some scoring.

Had one.Until TB went down.

3 looks like our Trevon Brazile
Basketball player

Agree! That turned the season upside down.

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Need to be more aggressive on offense. Take the game to them.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

That was a charge!

Graham is carrying the team right now. WPS

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His defense makes it almost impossible to leave him on the floor.

Graham has great feet on offense, but not on defense, how can this be?

Never needed to play defense in the PAC

They are driving the ball at will.

Yes they are getting the calls. Mitchell as grabbed on that last pass no call.

Look at the fouls> What a bunch to 1??

Need to tear off a run and break their will. Let them lead or stay close too long and they get tougher. Unfortunately we seem as adept at giving up momentum as taking it.

Walsh can’t stay on the floor because of silly fouls.
He hasn’t figured that out at this point in the season and it’s a problem.

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There’s the issue. Poor decision on the pass.

To me, the issues with this team, having lost these last few games hadn’t been their shooting as much as it has been their defense. They just Dont seem to play with the same intensity as they are capable of. Two many lapses to go along with scoring lapses.

I know Black being a projected 1st round pick is based on potential, but what I have seen this year, if I were an NBA GM, I wouldn’t take him in the first. Don’t need a player needing 2-3 years in the G League.

Smith getting his game back!