Ark-Fla Game thread

Here ya go guys.I will have to tape and watch later about to head out to help my nephew this afternoon
I hope we come out ready to kick some butt!


The remaining home games are must wins.

NSJ starting today. RC4 off the bench.

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Thanks, Billy. I’m slammed today.

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Good. Keep selling them Jeremy.


IV with a bad look

I don’t understand why Council got the ball around the rim and took it to the 3 point line to jack a shut up! Just poor decision

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Nick needs to get a 3 down to get him going


Hogs should be pounding the ball inside and driving to the basket since they don’t have a rim protector today.
3 point shots are not our strength in the first place, stop jacking them up for goodness sake.

I am totally befuddled how a team of talented basketball players cannot make more shots than we make. Sure we take our share of ill-advised and reckless shots, but sometimes it seems we are not much more successful with open shots.

We have no shooters….we have no shooters……

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Graham needs to play on both ends.

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Graham is one of our only guys that can score and CEM better keep him in the game.

Too many bad shots. Example Coucil wild shot that gifted Florida the run out!

Good score. But this team is so timid on offense.

Nothing so far to have a good feeling, energy needs to pick up and cut out careless passes.

Too many threes. Drive the lane!

They just don’t have the “IT” factor on offense or defense. The only thing that can happen to help is for Smith to find his stroke. They are lost playing form behind and can’t hold leads when they have the lead late. The TO’s this season and poor free throw shooting has killed them.

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No confidence in their shots.

We don’t have a “Dude” this year. Muss has had one or two every year he has been here.