Ark Fans

Donwells, I agree with your post. I live out of state and have not missed a home game in over 30 years. I think we have about 40,000 real good fans and the rest will go if we are good, playing a good team, and someone gives them a ticket. Their fandam is mostly getting on message boards and spewing crap about the program.

Not even Tennessee is claiming it was packed at the start of the game. Official attendance was 96,888, which is 5,000 or so empty seats. And you can bet that was tickets sold, not butts in seats.

But pretty damn good for a 4-7 team to me

Yup. Bad team, lousy weather, and a good crowd initially.

Our fans wouldn’t/didn’t show up.

We really used to have good fans. They’d show up in bad weather, bad team, didn’t matter. Not sure what happened. Now they aren’t reliable for a good team in good weather. Especially if deer season intervenes.

Oh, I think we have a lot of good fans still. I just don’t agree with everyone who tries to define “fans” from their own personal viewpoint.

That was one problem I had with Bret and Long, they defined what a fan was. I’ve seen people on here do it as well. Their idea of a fan and mine are different.

I drove 5 hours -
Sat in sec 221
In the rain -
Freezing -
Yelled like hell-
Wishing for a new coach—