Ark Fans

Tenn has the same record as us , fired the coach, been down all year and guess what??

Sell out crowd.

Our fans show what we always do fall to sell out the stadium

That is the difference between real SEC schools and us

Would have been a lot less if Butch was still there. Arkansas fans were sending a clear and loud message today.

My Lord, you never stop. It’s. Every. Single. Freaking. Thread.

Interesting comment given your post county today Adam. Cranky… have you had a nap today?!? :lol:

Just pointing out Tennessee fans are rallying around the team given Butch has departed stage left.

If our record was 7-3 or 8-2 there would have been a good crowd there. I was there it was hard to get excited with the way the team has been playing.

point is their record is 4-6 and a sell out

they played pretty good to me today

nope , good try though to bash the coach

it was a sell out every game regardless, they support their team ALWAYS no matter who the coach is

same as SC when they sucl, always a sell out.

Question, when waS the last true sellout at home?? ALA?

Better check that - may sell out but How many in stands. Far from full for several games this year.

He’s talking about TN. I don’t remember a full sellout at DWRRS or WMS in a few years. Not ticket sales, but butts in seats

Tn is centered where the vast majority of their fans live less than 2 hours from the stadium. Knoxville, Chattanooga, & many other decent sized towns are not far away. The center of our fanbase is 200 miles away. Fans in Conway, LR, & points east & south aren’t driving 3-4 hours or more for an 11:00 a.m. kickoff to attend a game where the weather forecast is bad, the team record is bad, and deer season has started. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. Our stadium is one of the smallest in the SEC for a reason, most of our fans have to work much harder to get to a game. And there are not as many of us as there are fans of most other SEC teams.

I wish the crowd were better, but I’m not terribly surprised by in light of the circumstances. However, it appeared there were more than the 25,000 someone claimed. I wouldn’t bet there were more than 35,000 (might have been), but I’m pretty sure it was more than 1/3 full.

Today’s game was at the crack of dawn, it was cold and blustery, and Arkansas has had an awful season. Why would anyone be surprised at the turnout? BTW, I was in my seat until the bitter (and I do mean bitter) end.

Actually it’s not a sellout. They said there are 90,000 in attendance, which means there are 14,000 empty seats.

221 yards of total offense is good to you? Gifted 2 td’s today. My goodness you have thick Hog colored glasses on.

I don’t agree with you on this. UT-K has a lot of fans in Memphis. 6 hours away. Many fans in Nashville - 3 hours away. Many fans all over. I’ve called on a doctor in Memphis that is a big (naming rights) booster. They face the same geographical challenges as many other teams. Let’s face it - the drive to Fayetteville really isn;t that bad these days.

I flipped the TV to the Tennessee game in the third quarter. If there were 50k there, never mind 90, many of them are disguised as empty seats.

That stadium is empty, I agree with swine, I doubt there is 50k

They like UofA announce tickets sold, not physical bodies on the stadium.

There were a lot more people there at kickoff.

theres more tennessee fans
that helps too

I didn’t say TN is without fans throughout the state of TN. I said they have a whole lot more fans much closer to their stadium than we have. The population of greater Knoxville is 1.1M people—as many as LR & NWA combined. Chattanooga is over 500k & is just over 100 miles from Knoxville. That doesn’t even count towns with 50k type populations within 100 miles of Knoxville in other directions.

There are lots of UT fans in Memphis & west TN, but they’re not the ones buying many tickets at Neyland Stadium. A bad record & a bad kickoff time will discourage attendance from fans who have to drive 3 hours a whole lot more than it will discourage fans who have to drive an hour or less or who live in the city itself.

Tenn simply has more fans to start with than we do. That’s true of most SEC schools. I bet not many fans from Memphis or Jackson were in Knoxville last night. Just like not many from West Memphis, Forrest City or Little Rock were in Fayetteville.

Yep 3rd quarter,

Start of the game packed