Ark Democrat-Gazette?

Am I supposed to be getting an invoice from ADG separate from my subscription renewal to HI? Just received notice in the mail from ADG that they couldn’t process payment from my old credit card. Thank goodness, I think.

Are you referring to “The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette at Little Rock.”

Go Hogs!

No. It’s the NWA Democrat Gazette.

I’m sure somebody on here who has the answer will get back when they see it.

I don’t know.

There are different editions of the paper. Which one you get depends are where you live as they try to include local stuff consistent with the area you are in along with the national stuff.

Unfortunately all edits of the ADG have articles from _ally _all.

And that is why I don’t subscribe.

Personal choice.

I would guess you have received a new card and the expiration date on it won’t match your old card.