Ark coaches in conf tourneys

Following up on my post a couple of weeks ago on our last 5 coaches in the AP polls here is the record in conference tournaments.

Nolan Richardson 24 - 12 (.666)
Eddie Sutton 13 - 7 (.650)
Stan Heath 4 - 5 (.444)
Mike Anderson 6 - 8 (.429)
John Pelphrey 2 - 4 (.333)

I didn’t count the loss Mike had as interim coach when Nolan got let go. Didn’t seem fair to saddle Mike with that.
Quirky stat, Mike has never won a single game in the tourney. 5 times we’ve lost our first game and 3 times he’s gone 2 - 1.
While some will say SWC was easier competition, rightfully so, the tourney started during Sutton’s tenure and had several formats including one year we only played one game and won the whole thing. Guess we had a bye all the way to the final game. So his record would have been better if he been in some more #1 vs #8 games with our great 70’s teams.

Why did you add SEC games for Sutton. Was that his record at KY?

Because as you said, Sutton and Nolan coached in the SWC a weaker conference. So, if you’re going to post their conference records it needs to be the same conference. Yes that was his record at KY, but it may have been stripped because he doesn’t have two on his actual history page.

When Eddie and Nolan coached in the SWC, who in the SEC was so much better? Arkansas and the EOE were better than anyone in the SEC except maybe Kentucky & the Hogs slammed the door on the Cats when we joined the SEC or at least stopped their dominance.

That’s not what he’s saying. He’s saying that the SEC that Nolan, Eddie and Mike coached in is better than the SWC Eddie and Nolan coached in. Which it clearly is. The SWC had a total of five Final Four teams in the 17 seasons between 1974, when Eddie arrived in Fayetteville, and 1991 when we left for the SEC: Arkansas twice, Houston three times. The SEC had eight Final Four teams (and three champions) just between 1992 and 1998, and 10 more (three titles) since then. Four times the SEC had two FF teams in the same season. Arkansas, Kentucky and Florida all won NCs; LSU, Moo U and South Carolina also reached the Final Four.

Mike is fond of saying that his teams are “built for March,” but losing the first game in the SEC tournament 5 out of 8 years doesn’t support that assertion.