Ark BYU game thread

Well we need a win, going to be their super bowl so it’s not going to be easy.

Need to get off to a good start hopefully quiet them down.

Wonder if we run any screens or use te’s today?

They run the same defensive scheme we do… you would think we would know how to attack it.

I’m looking for Hornsby to play a little and to throw a long td pass on his first play!!

We have to make them play catch up, if we get the opportunity to get the ball to start the game take it. First possession plays have to be money, no feeling them out, be bold and aggressive start to finish today. Take no prisoners, play like there is no tomorrow and yes this is a must win. WPS

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Don’t hold your breath on that happening… I don’t think we’ve ever done that under Sam but I totally agree with you. We definitely want to draw first blood.

Yes sir, a loss here is not the end of the road but we will be able to see it from where were standing if it happens. We have to play sound fundamental football if we do that we walk away a winner, we have enough talent to win out starting today, but we have to play as a team. WPS

On the road not much signal, is there QB out? WPS

Not that I’m aware of.

:+1:, thanks. WPS

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Got banged up last game from the first play what I read earlier in the week. Throwing arm to.

Watching ole piss and Abby, is Abby that good or is ole piss over rated? I think we can beat both of these teams after watching. Both can’t stop the run.

Ole miss Offense is very good,defense not so much

Worried Rebnecks/plains men will go past 2:30. I’m at an RV park near Destin that has ESPN but not the other ESPN they start with when games go over. I will listen to Quinn and Chuck.

They are, I still like a good game for us.

Got iPhone/laptop?

LD - just mosey on over to the Back Porch and watch it there.

It’ll prolly start on espn news if game goes over.

I always expect the game being played before our hugs to run over into the Hogs broadcast.

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No more injuries! But we should have Brini & Slusher back. KJ as well.