Ark Biggest Games 2017

  1. sept TCU at Arkansas - old Southwest team Ark once dominated - keep dominating - sets the tone and confidence for the team

23 Sept at Jerry World - it’s time - over due to eat Aggies and restore order to the universe - a loss here rumbling start to get louder - a win is needed

14 Oct at Bama - playing the king - can Ark make Bama bleed and not get embarrised or injured ? A loss expected - no one belices we can beat Bama any more - do the players think the same?

21 Oct Auburn at home beat Auburn and Bama is forgotten - lose? May need to stay off boards awhile

11 Nov vs LSU last big game of national interest - rest of the season is built to pad records (Miss St is a challenge and Mizzou wants respect so it’s no cruse - team must be focused - Ark beats LSU I expect some confidence not I expect losses Ark shouldn’t have)

I hope I see a team that explodes and destroys everyone they play and finds a way to beat Bama - but for now I’m doubtful

Biggest games TCU - Tex A&M

Bama us guge because if Ark gets beat up Auburn will smoke and s

LSU is the game that defines the end of the season - a win expect more wins - a loss - expect pain

I know this isn’t the answer you want from me, but they all count the same. I’ve circled two, TCU and Texas A&M. There is time off before each of them. The Hogs should have some extra time for TCU with the early start of the Florida A&M game. And, they have one week off before Texas A&M. If these go right, I think the season goes right. They are without question the key games on the schedule. TCU will have some revenge in mind and they will feel the same way the Hogs do about Missouri and Virginia Tech, a game it let get away. They probably don’t understand how it even happened and want to make amends.

I haven’t checked the schedule, but do any other teams in the West have back-to-back games with Alabama and Auburn? I know there’s no easy games in the West, but that seems like a really tough draw. But I agree with Clay that getting off to victories over TCU and A&M are the biggest games entering the season. Nobody wants a loss at LSU, but do not think it would torpedo the season.

Right now, I think that we are a very mediocre football team. We easily could have a losing season. We were at the Belk Bowl and suffered through the horrible second half. I’m not predicting anything nor believing anything about this team until I see them actually play a team like TCU. Remember, we have a new defensive scheme that features many players from the horrible defense of last year. Will changing schemes actually make them better…dunno. Almost the same goes for the offensive line. Will more experience and reps make them better… it should… but you dunno. I sincerely hope that we’re a much better football team, but after last year’s disappointing finish, I’m not optimistic.

Ole Miss plays them back-to-back weeks on the road.

They’re all big, but there is going to be a lot of emphasis on winning the TCU game for various reasons, including it being the first showcase game of the season on CBS.

Back to back on the road is even worse.

It’s not as bad as last year when they had a week off and we were finishing an 8 week stretch, but I don’t like where Auburn falls in the schedule behind a long road trip to USCe and a road trip to bama. Then we have to go back on the road to Oxford. Just a brutal stretch in October, wish the off week was a little later in the schedule.

I don’t see a team talented enough and with enough experience where it matters to really blow anyone out. I definitely think we have to win the TCU game and the A&M game. I think we beat the Aubrun (intentional) cheaters. (More luster off the gus bus malzahnistas). I’d just like to be in the game in the 4th vs. Bama.

Do we have a receiver with sure hands? The go to guy on 3rd down? What happens if Whaley gets banged up? Can our offensive line dominate anyone? Can our defense stop ANYONE?

I was guilty of buying into the optimism before but never again. Not saying I’m pessimistic about this team but I’m taking the show me approach. 1 game at a time.

Like most, I say TCU and A&M. Also, as memtioned here and elsewhere, I am not buying into anything. I want to see it. That defense was a complete and total embarrassment last season that should not have been allowed to have that SEC patch on the uniform. If ever there was a defense that should have pink uniforms, it was them. Now does going from 4-3 to 3-4 make them better when they really did not use the 4-3 much? Does it give them more speed? I hope, but have to see it. Will the Oline really block somebody this year. They certainly did not last season. Another embarrassment! I guess, first they better beat FL A&M. they could not stop Alcorn last year. Is FL A&M worse than Alcorn?

Show me something different, then I will worry about games. Right now, they are a very low bottom feeder. Show us something different like maybe tackling somebody. How about blocking somebody? then we will talk.

1-0 is the byword. I hope the team is focused only on game one.

i also agree on tcu and TAM
even with high expectations
we dont light the world on fire in game 1
expectations are not going to be high this year

Arkansas has too many question marks to be really positive.

Everyone has 100 questions about this team that can’t be answered until we take the field. We were a terrible team last year and let two games get away from us leading at half time big because our defense couldn’t stop a group of kindergarteners from getting to the monkey cages at the zoo, then the next week stop Florida. We also managed with a weak offensive line to put up 30 pts against the Tide, but also lost top receivers and running back from that team that brings about more questions. CBB showed at Wisconsin that he could field a winning team and I believe he will here also, I think we needed to make changes on the defense before last season but didn’t and we got ripped, hopefully the new D works and we are more like what we expect at Arkansas. I believe we will be better just because we made big changes on the D, that and its hard for me to believe we could be worse. WPS

Mine (expectations) are (high), and I just love it when my teams does even better than I expect. Hopefully they’ll come out “on fire”, and after each win they will be shown the films of the second halves of the Mo. and Va. Tech. games to keep them from getting overconfident going into the next game. Each week it has to be 1-0 (thinking only of and preparing for the upcoming game). No significant injuries please!!

I’m good with your reasoning on the TCU and Tex A&M games - pretty much there but losses here and I see a fan base unraveling

Bama - is the measuring stick
I do t think we are there and I worry about a Razorback team that is needing so much junior college talent to shore up the thin talent

Middle season may gut our Razorbacks - beating Auburn will at least settle the non believers and give this team confidence to actually beat LSU

LSU is the keeper of the low end of the top tier in SEC West - I got to believe Ark has a chance there current LSU coach can’t be better than Coach Bret

End of Season games should be a cake walk for Arkansas if the Razorbacks expect to be respected because after LSU it’s the lower tier of the conference - losses are bad - losses to this end of season bunch confirms your lower tier status

Looks like a lot of votes that TCU and Tex A&M are the key games early on

Funny they both are old SWC foes - like the SWC is still defining us

Middle season Bama Auburn back to back Gosh!? That is a tough draw

Maybe the OLine has matured and the 3-4 Defense will make enough difference that Austin Allen can ride this pig to victory

Arkansas biggest chance ride on AA Sholders - if he is protected and injury free I can see Arkansas matching last year and adding up to two wins more

But I was so shocked by last years melt downs and the think talent needing Junior College emergency first aid

That I’m in wait and see - infact - I’m becoming jaded

I hope I’m re inspired

I think you may be overthinking things, which isn’t unusual for every fan this time of year because there’s little else to do in talking about football. Picking up a few juco players isn’t necessarily a bad sign. Players are players. Sure, you’d like to have them for four years preferably, but even Saban the Great goes after jucos, i.e., Gooden. Let’s take care of business on opening Thursday night and go from there.

Over thinking things - really? :shock:

You know you’re absolutely correct :wink:

I am and I’m glad you reminded me of that

I’m a fan

Want Arkansas to be a winner

On juco players - yes a couple a year forb an Arkansas is a good thing - we just don’t have the dedicated population and label where great athletes grow up wanting to be Razorbacks.

Needs a large number of jucos is a clear sign of think talent in the upper classes

But yes - over thinking - I am - the old operations officer in me will do that

In the end you work out the best plan that uses your stresnths against the other teams wesknesses and play the game

Let’s see how it goes

TY for a cogent and good note

Go Hogs

I think you and Clay are in agreement Marty

They are all important