Ark-Bama game thread

I would love so bad to go in there and kick their butt. Going to be interesting to see if muss does something different to keep them from driving downhill on us like they did all game last time… we will have to play our best game of the year to pull this off and I know we’re capable of doing it


Going to be double duty today baseball game on the computer basketball on the big screen LOL


I can’t think of the last time a team beat Muss twice in the same season, but I know it’s rare.
Really want this W!
Go Hogs!


I’m interested to see how the Bama crowd handles this. I’m pretty sure I know. If you’ve eve been subjected to 80,000 people doing the classless Rama Jama cheer you’d know too.


Very big game today, if we play to our capabilities we have a chance to win against any opponent at home or on the road. We are a different team with NSJ no doubt and become a tougher team to defend. We have looked very well lately and we could potentially be peaking at the right time and it couldn’t come at a better time than today. I’m picking the Hogs by seven, turnovers and foul trouble will be the difference. I also believe the Bama team will be somewhat weary with the off court distractions that have come to be a on court distraction big time. WPS

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I don’t expect us to win. But we can win. This is a free shot.
I do think we need to win one of the next two.

But I’m hoping I for all three.

But I won’t allow myself to be in a bad mood if we go 2-1. That would get us to 10-8.

We need a run in the tourney too. I’d love to get us to a 6 or 5 seed.


Please no overtime, in current game! WPS

It’s amazing it every game that comes on before us goes to stinking overtime seems like LOL. Maybe TCU can hold on here…whew!!

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Finally starting on time!:joy: WPS

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4-1 hogs in bb

Already a quick foul on AB I believe

You got to shoot that ball Mitchell you right there under the basket!!!

Hi guys! At game. Who else is here?

Beautiful floater by Nick


The thing about Miller is he has a very low release he has to have room to get that shot off

Playing incredible defense that a way to go to Jordan Walsh

Rotating guys to keep fresh legs, good coaching! WPS

You have to get over there Mitchell you know good and well that’s where he’s going off that screen!!

AB 2 fouls, right? WPS

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If it is that’s going to be an absolute huge blow to us