Ark-Aub Game Thread

We have had two weeks to get healthy and have great game plans established, time for us to go out and win a big one on the road…

Need to start fast and take control of the game early…Go Hogs…WPS.


Agree, Youda. Come out aggressive, smash them in the mouth on O and D, take the crowd out of it, erode their confidence…


Who’s the officials

The officials can make a difference. The hogs will need to come out keep scoring early and often.
I would sure like to see our hogs hold Auburn scoreless for the first quarter and put 21 on the board.

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Steve Marlowe is the ref. Marc Curles is the center judge.

Hopefully, the break will not cause the recurrence of our early season procedural penalties. 21 sounds good for the first quarter with three consecutive 3 and outs for Auburn.

We need a large enough lead to keep the refs out of affecting the outcome.


Go Hogs!

Did we commit a mortal sin in the eyes of the SEC Office? We seem destined to spend eternity with Marc Curles.

Maybe we spent time during the off week preparing for his tendacies. At least it is impossible for him to eject Catalon.

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Talking heads like auburn plus the points. Hope they don’t know something.

Curles, making call? Not a good thing.

As usual. WAKE UP!!

Not a good start.

Typical Arkansas start. Get behind, try to claw our way back. Getting old, fast.

Can’t possibly suck any more than we did on that first series. Total waste of time

Win toss. Take ball. Self-destruct

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Against a bad Auburn team.

First drive three terrible mental errors

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LOL then we follow that up with about a 27 yard punt unfreaking believable that a way to make a statement offense