Ark-Aub game 3

Gregory in for Lanzilli is the only change…This is Aub best ERA starter with 2+ but gives up a hit an inning so he works out of trouble…WE need to get the lead so we need to come out swinging and Wiggins needs to have a great outing.

Guy has only BB 8 in 54 inn so he throws strikes …go up there looking to get something to drive

Great opportunity wasted…0-2 with RISP.

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Oh well…

Good save Slavens

Another error?

Wallace just to not take his time. Just gave them base runner there

Oh my…

Well, here we go again. Stating out behind.
Smith and Wiggins have given up 19 HR’s between them.

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Well what can go wrong will go wrong… should be in the freaking dugout but instead we’re down 2-0 and for this team that’s like 20 runs just unfreaking believable

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Cost is big time.

Yeah that’s exactly what we could not afford to happen

We are just not very good

Not at all

Lazy play by Wallace

This freaking team comes in here not a home run hitting team that only hit 49 coming in they’ve already hit six freaking home runs give me a dang break

Will defensively we’re incredibly good but like I said what will go wrong is going to go wrong for us right now Wallace cannot make another play SMH

They’re looking for that first pitch fastball in case you haven’t figured that out yet Wiggins

I guess what I should say is we are not very good in the head right now

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In two years worth of data Wiggins’ career SEC ERA is almost 8. Perhaps he’s not suited to be a starter in this league.

I agree with that

This is truth

It doesn’t soeak well for your Sunday starter when they send pitchers to the bullpen before the 1st inning is over.