Ark-Alabama Game thread

Let’s go boys! Lets shock the world today!!


Yesterday while shopping at Costco in north Georgia a man walked up (noticing my Hog shirt) and said “hearing a lot about you guys shocking Bama”. I told him that would be great. I’d imagine that most fans from other SEC schools are rooting for us today.


I suspect most of the college football world is pulling for the Hogs today. Bama is one of those programs everybody loves to hate.

We need to set the tone on our first possession that we are here to win regardless of what the odds show. Play four quarters of tough clean football and everything else will take care of itself. WPS

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The more I thought about it, losing last week does not hurt our chances this week. The injury hampered secondary is more of a concern. But I don’t think our team is lacking confidence. What we need to beat bama is urgency. Like we had vs the longhorns last year except bama is a much bigger test. We better not go into the game thinking we are just as good as bama. We better show up knowing we have to play harder and smarter than them.

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Well darn they drove 75 yards in 3 plays!! And that fumble on 3rd down was a killer. So in less that 5 minutes it’s 14-zip!

O wait that was another game. Youda was ready at 7 this morning… 7

Yeah I’m an early Riser, done worked out ready to watch us take care of business

We’ll win today if KJ plays his best game of the season. Simple as that, IMO.

It’ll take more than him to have their best game

Has anybody noticed that the Razorbacks looked smaller at the game or on TV?
Like 10-20 years ago?

IMO size has equazied. EX the Tides LB’s were the size of our DL. ETC

Who are today’s officials?

Yeah these kids nowadays are absolutely huge

Alabama has proven to be extremely hard to run the ball on so far.This will be a very big key in the game in my opinion.

We have to be able to run the football to win this game. We cannot put it all on the pass offense

Need to get to Bryce early and often. Put a little fear in him

Scott Walker is the head ref. We haven’t had him yet this year.

That Hog call sounded predominantly more like “aaah-oooooooh pig sooiee…” than “wooooo pig sooiee”. What has happened?

Dang Millineals mess everything up

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We need to get off to a great start cannot afford to let them get the early momentum and shut the crowd up

I was hoping to get the ball first!! Come on defense!!!

Yeah there’s Blair getting burned already horrible coverage player