Arizona trustees call special meeting on men's hoops

To discuss the revelations of player buying from the Adidas hoops trial, no doubt. This reported tonight by Mark Schlabach of ESPN. If I were Sean Miller I’d be calling my attorney because they will be negotiating a buyout. Or just firing him for cause, no buyout. Trustees will meet Thursday, and they’re not having a special meeting because they’re happy with what they heard.

I would like to see Miller join Slick Rick.
There are a lot more coaches that need to get canned. Sean Miller is a dirt bag.

We have a few in our conference that have had problems w recruiting violations. Howland and Pearl and Calipari have had violations. And Wade at LSU might be another added to that list soon. Hope they burn them all.

The shoe companies associating with AAU coaches/programs seem to give these sleazeball college coaches a middle man in all this crap so they can play dumb to it.

While AAU ball helps kids get better starting from an early age playing against the best competition, it also exposes them to corruption & greed.
Instead of love of the game & an education, it’s becoming all about “business decisions”.

Nolan nailed that one.


I’m sure some of our win-at-all-costs types wish we’d play ball with the middlemen and the AAU handlers and get some of the mercenaries who float through college basketball. I’m glad Nolan didn’t do that and I’m glad Mike doesn’t either. As for the two guys in between, they must not have either based on their results.

Bryce Drew has had issues and based on his unprecedented class, I bet will have more. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I haven’t read much on drew. Wade though seems to be blatantly pushing the limit. His name was mentioned in the court trial. Anything you can report on drew? Geez that would make 5 coaches in conference that would be shady. Reminds me of our days in the swc in football.

SWC = Sure We Cheat

Get the Nike dirt out and it may show it would be the a very short list of coaches that don’t cheat! I don’t believe this is over and I hope there’s some wire tapes that show conversations with NCAA enforcement staff to show they were involved as well! The turn your back and have a blind eye days may soon come to an end.
Put them all in open barracks in a federal pen where they have time to think it over.
I think Cal would look good in prison white.

Given that Calipari started getting the top recruits to go to Memphis, I assume he was the great “innovator” when it came to these tactics with the agents and shoe companies.

Calipari actually got started at U Mass, where they had to vacate a bunch of wins after he “skated free” to Memphis. He’s been a slime ball his entire head coaching career.

Greaseball “Cal” also skated free from Memphis and their problems he left behind.

Yeah, I know, and I don’t doubt that he has always bought players. Camby was out of UMASS’s league as a top-40 type player. It may have started with him. However, Calipari’s recruiting went to a different level at Memphis as far as signing multiple players in the top 10 in a given year.

I really doubt he needs shoe company involvement. He just works really hard… at keeping World Wide Wes on his side.

This. I think the shoe companies, especially Adidas, may have gone in harder to allow its schools to compete without having World Wide Wes in their crooked arsenal.

I doubt Wes can have that much influence in basketball without having any involvement with shoe companies. Too much of the money for players is tied up with convincing kids to buy overpriced sneakers. He has to get seed money from somewhere.

Cal gets his cut along with the players he wants & Wes gets his cut.
I’d say Wes is Cal’s Luitenant in Cal’s basketball mafia.

The sad part of these investigations (beyond the obvious) is the FBI will close the case on the shoe companies and some will pay the price but few in the total scheme of things and all will calm down. And then in a year or so the same thing will start up again and the FBI won’t revisit the subject for 10/15 years chasing other bad guys and nothing has changed. All the greaseballs will retire seeing what is rolling over the horizon with iconic status and huge wealth.

It started before that. The squid was at UMass before Tiger High. The first of his final four appearances to be disallowed was at UMass. After having the second Final Four disallowed (while at Memphis), there was much speculation about how long it would take before his Big Blue appearances were nullified.

And after the meeting. Miller’s still the coach but that is subject to change.

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