Arizona State to keep coach

… even though Tracy Smith has had consecutive losing seasons. The fans (and especially my friend Fred) are NOT happy. My friend told me that he will save a lot of money next year.

AD retaining Sun Devils coach

Arizona State sure has fallen off the map since those years Arkansas played in Tempe. They’ve upgraded their facilities (moved to an off-campus spring training stadium) and still recruit top five classes. At some point you have to say coaching is the X-factor.

It’s bizarre not to see Arizona State in the national college baseball discussion anymore. It’s akin to the falloff in Texas football. How do those teams not win?

Sometimes it’s chemistry of players that have the I syndrome. It may be there all that talent is overrated. Also there’s times the old ball bounces in your opponents direction and you just get beat. Give em another year and they may take another direction in leadership!
They will be back in Omaha.