Arizona signs openly gay football recruit

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We’ve had gay athletes (both male and female) at UA before. But none ever acknowledged it publicly. I just wonder what will happen when one does, when we have our first My-King Johnson. Who, by the way, is a 3-star DE from Tempe, AZ, projected as a pass rusher.

That is true.

Hopefully that individual - or I should say individuals - will be treated like any other athlete

If I were a rainbow shaded Arizona fan, I’d be more concerned about his egocentric name than his sexuality. Seriously, I don’t think I could call anyone My-King. What he does with who or what is his business. I’m just not ready to have sexual preference become a part of the recruiting vitals along with height, weight, and 40 time.

Kid didn’t name himself, eagle. According to one of the stories I found on him, his father gave him that name. He also has a sister named A-Queen Johnson, also thanks to Dad. And yes, those are the names on their birth certificates.

Well then maybe they should switch those names. :wink: Just kidding.

Move on to sports and leave this stuff to others!!

Spot on.

Good on Arizona

This is sports. An openly gay kid, apparently with some talent, recruited and signed to play Power 5 football. And it will happen here too, eventually. From what I read, AZ didn’t know he was gay when they started recruiting him, but he told the assistant coach, and they kept recruiting him. He was committed to UCLA for a while, then flipped to the Wildcats.

He may flip again!


lets be a little grown up here.

Everyone on this board is related to a gay person somewhere down the line.
Its a big part of our way of life now and more so everyday.

My daughter is gay and I still joke at times but some of these kids kill themselves because of the fact even their parents cant accept them and cast them out into the streets.

No way in hell could I do that to my kid.

Can he play Pac 12 football? That is all that matters.

You got that right Jim Dandy. Not sure what kept Michael Sam from making it in the NFL, but he was a stud in the SEC. In fact, wasn’t he the league’s Defensive player of the year a few years ago?

Gay or not, it shouldn’t be a problem playing football assuming that, like most gays, he is polite and not aggressive. I have known and met a number of gay men and none have been a pest or aggressive, except for a couple of aggressive 40 year old gay men that approached me when a timid and very shy 15 year old.

Thank you. Much better than the “I disagree with it so let’s not talk about it” posts.