Arizona game in San Diego

Looks like I will be in San Diego for a couple days including this day. Where will they be playing this game, downtown stadium?

The Arizona game will be played at San Diego State’s facility. I just double checked on that.

For a big time tournament with a great group of teams, there is very little information on-line. I’ve gotten more information from WHS than any place else. I am really looking forward to that trip. I’ve been checking the weather and the temps appear to be around 70 with one day so far at 80, can’t beat that. I have checked out public transportation in San Diego and I will have no problem getting to the ballpark from the hotel. It was a real adventure in Frisco driving back to the hotel in the traffic at midnight in the pitch black conditions that accompany a rainy night. Because of frequent flyer considerations I was forced to arrive in San Diego on Wednesday…lucky me. I get to see the Arizona game.

From what I’m told, the organizer of that event was changed midstream. There used to be a website for the event but not anymore.