Arizona Fall League MVP

Heston Kjerstad!


Nobody in Razorbacks Nation is surprised by that!! you go boy!!!

I’m surprised after what he’s been through since leaving UA, with the myocarditis, etc. I wondered if he’d ever get back to full health.

There are two regulars from the Molester State team that beat us in Omaha who are already MLB regulars. One of them is also in Baltimore, Adley Rutschmann; the other is Steven Kwan, OF for Cleveland. None of our 2018 regulars are in the Show yet, but I think HK may not be too far off. He might also be in the Show if he’d stayed healthy.

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Jeff, I think your Molester State tag is far and away your best work. Fits them perfectly. Kudos.

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Way to go, Heston. Happy to see his success.

The Molester himself is out of baseball. He pitched one season in Mexico in 2019, the league was canceled in 2020 due to the 'rona, and he has not pitched since then.

Pretty elite company there.

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