Arizona Definitely Under NCAA Investigation … 0f237.html

They had no choice. With all of this dirt surfacing, and being reported upon, in open court, they had to investigate. And as the linked story points out, the NCAA can completely piggyback off the FBI and use FBI-gathered information to nail AZ and other schools involved in this mess. Same thing will happen at Kansas, if it hasn’t already started to happen.

Swine, don’t you figure LSU will be investigated also?

LSU will be investigated since the wiretaps involve Wade himself & the fact he wanted to hire the shady assistant for obvious reasons, of which Wade will deny if its a he said she said only accusation. Kansas and the rest of the blue bloods, it will be interesting to hear their responses to what Dawkins said about programs buying and signing elite recruits.
I wonder if any players and / families will testify? Maybe some recruits in the 2019-2020 classes?

Remember, when Will Wade was suspended for refusing to come in and talk to his boss, one of the reasons he didn’t want to talk is that the NCAA was going to be in that meeting. Which tells me the investigation is under way.

Miss St has also been mentioned!
This corruption is far reaching and won’t be stop! They may scare a few but not all of them.

Do you really think the NCAA will go after Kansas? Its one thing to go after Arizona, but Kansas has very blue blood. Hope you are right, just have my doubts.

If the NCAA holds to its past actions, Both Arizona and LSU will get 2 years probation. One year bans on post season play, and lose one scholarship per year. A slap on the wrist.

The more important result may be a show cause for people like Sean Miller, Will Wade and Bill Self. Get the cheaters out of the business, let the rest of the cheaters know they face the same thing.

They already are and we missed it. Jeff Long may get to work for that big contract.

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