Arizona Boards in Meltdown after Muss/Yuracek tweet

To be honest, it reminds me of our boards here 2 years ago. I was among the relative few that warmed up to Muss and was OK when we signed him. But we went through a lot of ups and downs before we got there, and reading this thread kind of took me back to that just a little bit.

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I can’t read any of those posts

It’s a premium board

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I also saw some Arizona responses on Twitter to HY’s tweet, basically “he’ll be sorry he didn’t take our job.” And how great their fan support is. Oh really? In 2019-20 Hogs averaged 2000 more fans per game than AZ; both teams were pretty mediocre.

Only thing I’d be sorry about would be if I was a fan of Arizona

I am never the one for hyping things, but there is no other fan support base better than the Razorbacks fan base. No question about that,

AZ does a pretty good job of filling up the McKale Center; I’ll give them that. Although that’s a lot easier with 5000 fewer seats to fill.

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