Arik Gilbert question

I took a look at the TE transfers available. Noticed Arik Gilbert, who was the highest rated TE transfer prospect in HS history, is in the portal again. I would think CSP definitely knows the kid with him coming from GA.

Anyone know much about him. A quick scan mentioned he was “troubled” at Georgia and dealing with personal things. Wonder if we would take a risk on him or is he just too much of a gamble/ headache?

Lots of talent, but the alarm bells are really loud on the guy.

He caught a TD pass in Georgia’s route of Vandy, and then apparently did not play again before hitting the portal. He was at Georgia for two years after leaving LSU during his freshman year and only played in three games.

He apparently looked real good in their spring game this year and then got into some more off-field trouble, and was dealing with “personal issues”. Late in the year Kirby Smart was quoted as saying "We’re trying to help him be the best person he can on be and off the field. And that’s a decision that will be made each week.” Georgia has an elite pair of TEs in Bowers and Washington, so Smart really did not have to worry too much about keeping Gilbert on the field.

Sam has passed on guys with questionable character.

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I knew that was his norm, but didn’t know if Arik’s issues qualified him as “questionable”.