Argentina, Champion of the World

This way cool.

I know next to nothing about soccer but I can recognize sheer joy even when I hardly understand a word he’s saying. Yep…way cool.

I understand Argentina Campeon. All I need to understand.

This part is pretty cool too

He said that Montiel attempts, montiel scores, argentina are world champions, from heaven diego (maradona) and other fromer players in heaven made it possible, it could not have happened any other way, lionel messi is world champion, the argentine national team of lionel scaloni are world champions.

Who cares ? It’s soccer, the most boring sport there is !!!

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You care enough to post about it

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Quite a few people care. A lot more than care of your opinion of something you know nothing about.

It was the most exciting game I’ve seen of any sport in a long time. True theater.


Been listening for the past 30 years how International Football ( Soccer) was going to take over the USA. Forget American Football, Baseball, and Basketball. All are finished. All the kids will be playing International Football. And yet, we are still waiting. Folks, Rugby, Golf,Tennis, and Lacrosse are more popular here. We should appreciate the sport for what it is here. It’s a small sport with a small audience. If you like the sport, great. But please don’t force feed the rest of us on how International Football is the next big thing in America.

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Its audience is more than the NBA or NHL. Average NBA attendance last season: 17,184. Average MLS attendance last season: 21,033. Average NHL attendance, including Canadian games/teams: 15,841

The answer to this rhymes with full of spit. And I’m a golfer.

So you do you, cruising along with fact-free opinions. Meanwhile, ratings numbers aren’t out, but Sports Media Watch, which is all about analyzing ratings for all kinds of sports, projected that the WCF yesterday would get about 22 million viewers between Fox and Telemundo. None of the World Series games this year got 22 million viewers, or anywhere close (average 11.8 million). Neither did the final round of the Masters, and it wasn’t close either (10.7 million). The national championship game between Georgia and Bama did (22.6 million), but it didn’t start at 10 a.m. Eastern. US Open tennis? Less than 2 million viewers. I’m not even going to dignify the comments about rugby and lacrosse with research.

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Comparing teams representing nations to teams representing a state and even divided state allegiances makes no sense.

I’m amazed when people insist that soccer is a small niche sport in this country. All I can say, is that they must not get out very much. You don’t have to like it. But to ptetend it doesn’t exist, is really quite nieve. It’s here. It’s big, and it is getting bigger.

I think the people that hate on soccer just have not taken the time to watch a game, or dont understand the rules.

I’m really a fan even though I don’t understand rules/strategies. i actually like ladies soccer more. The athletic ability of players amaze me.

I never heard one person say it would take over here. I heard it said it would take hold. It has done that and in some places taken hold firmly.

Mountain Home has a vibrant soccer community with a huge complex of much used soccer fields. Travel teams. Same as baseball and hoops. It is firmly entrenched in this community. High school teams are solid.

Harrison has strong teams. The school’s athletic director is the soccer coach. He was once head coach at UALR. He was a product of youth teams in St.Louis and played college soccer.

There may be more soccer fields in Benton County and Washington Counties than baseball fields.

No, it’s not going to work here. Ha.

That is what I said when I built the Field of Dreams in Van Buren in 1990. Built a Soccer field, that is now baseball fields…

1990 was a long time ago, and Van Buren AR isn’t Overland Park Kansas. You should check out what they built there, and the impact that facility has had on the local economy. Or the Mike Rose facility in East Memphis, or the massive new complex in Creve Coeur Missouri, to name just three. The state of Arkansas has come a long ways, in many ways. It is however, the backwaters of US soccer.

That be where my sister lives. :smiley:

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They have a massive soccer complex in Burns Park (NLR).

Named after Steve Martone I believe